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President's Message

A Message from the President of IUTOX, Kai Savolainen (June 2008)

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is again time to send greetings to all IUTOX member societies and through the societies to all the individual members of IUTOX. IUTOX has new challenges and opportunities lying ahead.

As mentioned in my previous message, IUTOX is facing financial challenges. To manage responsibly the IUTOX budgetary situation and at the same time maintain a high level of activity, the IUTOX Executive Committee has created strict rules to save money in all its activities and at the same time assure that essential activities can be continued and expanded where appropriate. Our ability to identify sponsors interested in supporting IUTOX financially is critical to expanding programs of interest to member societies. The goal of the Executive Committee is to assure that IUTOX is in excellent financial position when the 12th International Congress of Toxicology takes place in Barcelona, Spain.

In the meantime, the IUTOX Executive Committee has been working to increase its impact on issues relevant to toxicology and human health by generating plans for capacity building especially in developing countries and reaching out to assure an understanding of chemical safety in areas where such activities are needed. IUTOX has arranged for the 13th time a Risk Assessment Summer School (RASS XIII) in Germany. Torbjörn Malmfors continues to be, together with Birgitta Lewander, the prime mover of this activity. A Risk Assessment Workshop was held in Sao Paulo, Brazil in early 2008, under the capable leadership of Silvia Barros. Both courses are designed to help young toxicologists better understand the risk assessment process.

Ultimately the goal of these courses is to merge local and global activities into a series of courses that will better serve the needs of toxicologists and regulators in developing countries. IUTOX will do this through its novel Risk Assessment School concept by organizing several courses each year in different parts of the world (e.g. countries in South East-Asia, Africa or South America). The plan is to increase the local and regional impact of these courses by organizing them in collaboration with IUTOX member societies and local authorities. 2008 is a "hybrid" year since a traditional RASS XIII will be organized together with a RAS course in Latin America. IUTOX is soliciting proposals from member societies to sponsor a RAS course in their region. Please base your proposal on the course outline (IUTOX Web site) and send your proposal to Donna Breskin at IUTOX headquarters.

In addition to the capacity building activities, the IUTOX Executive Committee has been seeking collaboration with other organizations to increase its impact on issues such as children's health in chemically challenging environments or utilizing novel technologies such as nanotechnologies to improve the quality of life of individuals living especially in developing countries. Important potential partners in the promotion of these goals are the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

In parallel with these IUTOX activities, the Executive Committee has been making preparations for the upcoming IUTOX scientific events. These include the 7th Congress of Toxicology in Developing Countries (7CTDC) to be held in Sun City in South Africa on September 6–9, 2009. Preparations for the Congress, chaired by Professor Mary Gulumian, are proceeding smoothly. We can expect an exciting and scientifically and socially rewarding event.

The next important event under the umbrella of IUTOX is the 12th International Congress of Toxicology to be organized in Barcelona, Spain and chaired by Professor Eugenio Vilanova. The Congress takes place on July 11–15, 2010 and preparations for finalizing the program and all the necessary details have been in progress for several years. This is another exciting IUTOX event that everybody should mark one's calendar for in 2010.

As to future scientific events, organized by IUTOX together with its national member sociieties, are the 8th Congress of Toxicology in Developing Countries (8CTDC) organized by the Thai Society of Toxicology in 2012 in Bangkok. Professor Songsak Srianujata, the current President of the Thai Society of Toxicology, will chair the congress.

The IUTOX General Assembly decided to hold the 13th International Conference of Toxicology (ICT XIII) in Seoul, South Korea in 2013 under the capable leadership of Professor Jin Ho Chun, Chair of the Steering Committee of ICT XIII and Professor San Seop Han, current President of the Korean Society of Toxicology.

I hope to see many of you in Rhodes in October of this year during EUROTOX.

I wish all of you an enjoyable and rewarding summer vacation.

Kai Savolainen
President, International Union of Toxicology

2007–2010 Executive Committee

The IUTOX General Assembly convened in Montreal, Canada on July 18, 2007 to elect a new Executive Committee serving three year terms.

Kai Savolainen (President), Linda Birnbaum, (President-Elect), Tohru Inoue (Vice President, A. Wallace Hayes (Secretary-General), Alexander Buerkle (Treasurer), Silvia Barros (Director), Elaine Faustman (Director), Barbara Hales (Director), Mumtaz Iscan (Director), Lewis Smith (Director).

2007–2010 Committees, Commissions and Task Forces

Committee assignments were also transitioned to new leadership as listed below.

Chair: Tohru Inoue
Members: Silvia Barros, Elaine Faustman, and Mumtaz Iscan

Developing Countries:
Chair: Silvia Barros
Members: Angelica Trichart, Wally Hayes, George Corcoran, Edmond Creepy, Mary Gulumian, Junshi Chen, and a representative of Thailand, Sumal Pavittranon, with Tohru Inoue as a permanent observer.

Chair: Alexander Buerkle
Members: Lewis Smith, Linda Birnbaum, and Wally Hayes

Education and Career Development:
Chair: Elaine Faustman
Members: Barbara Hales, Silvia Barros, and Mumtaz Iscan

Communications: (Including responsibilities of the Task Force on Enhancement of the Appreciation and Image of Toxicology)
Chair: Wally Hayes
Members: Linda Birnbaum, Paul Wright, and Kevin Chipman

Science: Chair: Linda Birnbaum
Members: Wally Hayes, Lewis Smith, Barbara Hales, Kai Savolainen, and Tohru Inoue

ICSU Liaison: Kai Savolainen

IUPHAR Liaison: Barbara Hales is the IUTOX Liaison to IUPHAR and Gabrielle Hawksworth is the IUPHAR Liaison to IUTOX

Clinical Pharmacology Liaison: Barbara Hales

WHO Liaison: Lewis Smith

Certification and Registration:
Chair: OPEN
Members: OPEN

Nominating Committee 2007-2010

Nancy Claude, France
Meryl Karol, USA
Mick McManus, Australia
Maritza Rojas, Venezuela
Palarp Sinhaseni, Thailand

Reports: 2007–2010 Committees, Commissions and Task Forces

Implementation of the 2007–2010 strategic plan is underway as the Executive Committee carries on the well-established work and focus of IUTOX. See the Strategic Plan and committee reports below.

Strategic Plan 2007-2010

Scientific Commission Plan

Commission on Membership and Society Development Plan Report

Communications Committee Report

Developing Countries Committee Report

Finance Commission Plan

IUTOX Meetings

ICT Meetings—IUTOX organizes the largest and most prestigious International Congress on Toxicology (ICT) every three years, offering the opportunity to learn the latest developments in toxicological science and regulation through general scientific sessions and continuing education classes. On a personal level, it provides the opportunity for you to present your own work to this, the largest and most diverse audience of toxicologists, allowing you to network with others in the same field. And, of course, it provides an opportunity for social activities at the conference in different parts of the world.

Upcoming International Congresses of Toxicology (ICT)

Standard Operating Procedures for ICT
ICT Planning Timeline

CTDC Meetings—Held every three years, Congresses on Toxicology in Developing Countries (CTDC) are sponsored by IUTOX. The meetings provide a forum for discussing toxicological problems facing developing countries in the future and exchanging views with toxicologists from all over the world, especially from developing countries and regions.

Upcoming Congresses on Toxicology in Developing Countries (CTDC)

Standard Operating Procedures for CTDC
CTDC Planning TImeline

Interested in Hosting 9CTDC in 2015 or ICTXIV in 2016?

The opportunity to host the ICT and CTDC meetings is only open to IUTOX member societies. It's not too soon to start planning ahead! Here is the timeline for submitting your bid to host a future IUTOX meeting:

July 10, 2009—IUTOX issues a Call for Bids for 9CTDC (2015) and ICTXIV (2016)

February 2, 2010—Bids due to IUTOXHQ for review and recommendation by the IUTOX Executive Committee for inclusion in General Assembly materials at Barcelona meeting

July 14, 2010—Member societies vote on ICTXIV and 9CTDC venues at the General Assembly

NEW...IUTOX Sponsorship of Non-IUTOX Meetings

IUTOX will consider lending the use of the IUTOX name to toxicology-related meetings sponsored by other not-for-profit organizations. Meetings will be endorsed based on the quality of the science and relevance to toxicology; breadth and scope of scientific appeal; timeliness of topic; selection of speakers; and completeness of proposal.

IUTOX will consider a limited number of requests for speakers at congresses in developing countries. If you're interested in learning more, please see the policy below.

IUTOX Sponsorship of Non-IUTOX Meetings—(doc)

South Africa TOXSA to Host CTDC7

Congresses on Toxicology in Developing Countries (CTDC) are sponsored by IUTOX every three years. Sun City, South Africa will provide a beautiful venue for CTDC7 scheduled for September 6 -9, 2009. CTDC meetings provide a forum for discussing toxicological problems facing developing countries in the future and exchanging views with toxicologists from all over the world, especially from developing countries and regions.

Please see the schedule below for abstract deadlines and other preliminary information.


Fellowships are available that will cover registration and accommodation fees of up to 25 participants from developing countries. Selection of awardees will depend on scientific merit of the abstracts submitted.

Deadlines to be considered

Call for abstracts: 1st November 2008
Abstract submission: 31st January 2009
Early registration: 15th April 2009

Hotel deadlines

Will be announced on Web site: www.7ctdc.co.za

Contact information

Congress Organizer
Rina du Toit
P.O. Box 4788
Johannesburg, 2000
South Africa
Tel: +27 12 331 3404
Fax: +27 12 712 6552
Mobile: +27 82 785 3510
E-mail: rdutoit@yebo.co.za

Member Highlights

We are delighted to feature the Chinese Society of Toxicology in this issue.  If you’d like to see your member society featured in the next issue, please send an article or story idea to IUTOXHQ at iutoxhq@iutox.org.

Toxicology in China

Lijie Fu, Ph.D.
Deputy Secretary General, Chinese Society of Toxicology

The Chinese Society of Toxicology (CST) was established in 1993 to provide greater communication and sharing of ideas among professionals from different areas of toxicology. The mission of the Society is to play a leading role in the advancement of toxicological sciences in China, and to promote the study and application of toxicology in all aspects of life. During the past 15 years, the CST, with 20 Specialty Sections, 2 Regional Chapters, and more than 2500 members from academia, industry, and government, has become one of the major scientific societies in China.

The CST is governed by an 87-member elected Council representing diverse professionals and scientific disciplines in toxicology, and managed by an administrative office in Beijing. The Council is currently led by Dr. Zhixiong Zhuang, the President of the Society, and the Secretary General, Dr. Pingkun Zhou. The CST has grown rapidly in recent years and will continue to make great contributions to the toxicology society in China and in the world.

Professional CST Conferences
The CST holds a National Conference of Toxicology every four years to exchange information and research interests among the 20 Specialty Sections. The conference usually includes a Keynote Lecture, Platform, Symposia and Workshops, and Poster Sessions. Speakers from China and overseas are invited to attend programs on diverse topics in the areas of toxicology and public health and to disseminate information about new toxicological developments and advancements in their fields. Many attendees also participate in Poster Presentations and Continuing Education Courses. The 4th National Conference was held in Shenyang of Liaoning Province in September 2005, and the 5th National Conference will be held on August 10–13, 2009 in Guiyang, Guizhou Province.

The CST organizes a “Young Scientists in Toxicology Forum” biannually to encourage young scientists participating in toxicology research and other activities. The Society honors the top 10 young scientists with an “Excellent Young Toxicologist” award during the forum.

Each Specialty Section of the CST organizes its national conference annually or biannually. Professionals across China come together to present recent research findings and achievements, and to discuss recent developments and future plans in their fields. In 2008, there are 15 conferences scheduled by various Specialty Sections. The most recent conference was held by the Quality Assurance Section in May. An upcoming conference titled “International Conference on NanoToxicology” is being presented in collaboration with the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), and will be held in Zhengzhou of Henan province on September 17-19 this year. Both conferences address great opportunities for research communication and collaboration among national and international toxicologists in the field.

Continuing Education Programs of the CST
With great emphasis on continuing education, the CST has launched many programs to educate and train its members by holding short-term Continuing Education Courses (CECs), in addition to many symposia and workshops i various areas of toxicology. The CECs are usually held as a parallel program of the National Conferences and other meetings. There are four CECs scheduled by the Society and different Speciality Sections in 2008. These include Training Courses for Study Directors, Toxicological Pathologists, and Clinical Toxicologists.

The CST Publications
In collaborating with the Chinese Society of Pharmacology, the CST co-publishes a bimonthly journal, the "Chinese Journal of Pharmacology and Toxicology," devoted to publication of research papers, commentary and review articles on pharmacology and toxicology. The CST also publishes a quarterly journal, the "Communication of Chinese Toxicology” which provides rapid publication of forum articles, review articles and short communications, as well as updates in scientific achievements, reports and announcements of activities in the Society.

Public Awareness Programs (“Science Popularization”)
With increased public concerns about the environment and human health in the modernization of the country, the CST has put forth a great deal of effort to educate the public on food safety, drug abuses, occupational and environmental health, the risk assessment of consumer products, agro-products, and environmental contaminants. The society has organized many such activities in the past, and has a plan to organize four more events in 2008.

International Collaborations
The CST is an active member of both IUTOX and the Asian Society of Toxicology (ASIATOX). As a core member, the CST has successfully hosted the 5th Congress of Toxicology in Developing Countries (CTDC) in 2003 and the 4th Congress of ASIATOX in 2006. The 5th Congress of Toxicology in Developing Countries held in Guilin in November of 2003 had over 270 attendees, among them more than 100 professionals from 29 developed and developing countries and regions around the world.

In addition to organizing and hosting international meetings, the Society also promotes and encourages a variety of international collaborations. The Society and its sections invite many colleagues from overseas to study in China, and in turn, the Society sends its members to study abroad every year. Many research projects with international collaboration are being conducted in China now, and there will be more in the future. Today, the CST continues to reach out to the international toxicology community, and provides numerous opportunities to welcome our colleagues from IUTOX member societies to join us for collaboration and cooperation.

Awards and Fellowships

2008 AstraZeneca Award Winners—SOT Annual Meeting

IUTOX congratulates the winners of four (4) fellowship awards sponsored by AstraZeneca and four (4) fellowship awards sponsored by the Society of Toxicology US. Each award provided $2,000 USD to the winners to attend the Society of Toxicology Annual Meeting, held in Seattle in March 2008.

(From left to right) Dr. Martin Dyroff (award sponsor), Gafer Ahmed, Sayed Bakry,
Zdravko Paskalev, Lyndy McGaw, Hande Gurer-Orhan, Kemal Buyukguzel,
Jin-Ho Chung, and Janice Chambers
Missing in photo) Phillip Burcham another AstraZeneca Award winner

2009 AstraZeneca/SOT Awards Applications

Applicants must be from a developing country where toxicology is underrepresented. They must have an active research program underway or currently be active in the practice of toxicology in their country. Travel awards are available to support both senior scientists and more junior individuals. The following criteria will be used to select recipients of the awards:

  • A brief statement indicating how the awardee will benefit from the fellowship;
  • Curriculum vitae including e-mail address and, if available, a fax number;
  • A strong letter of recommendation from the home Society. If the applicant does not have a national toxicology society a strong letter of recommendation from his/her department;
  • Demonstration of the ability to meet other expenses to attend the meeting (the base travel award available is $2,000 (USD)) and;
  • An abstract for the meeting is optional and will not be included in the printed Final SOT Program unless submitted between August 1 and October 3, 2008.

Submission begins July 15 and must be received no later than October 10, 2008. Previous AstraZeneca awardees and recipients of 2004, 2005, 2006 or 2007, 2008 ICT and CTDC fellowships are NOT eligible.

To apply send the application form (PDF) and the required documents as attachments via e-mail to: iutoxhq@iutox.org

For more information contact:
1821 Michael Faraday Dr., Suite 300
Reston, VA 20190
E-mail: iutoxhq@iutox.org
FAX: (703) 438-3113

Awardees will be notified by December 1, 2008. Awards will be issued at the SOT Annual Meeting.

Upcoming Society Meetings

The 7th SFRR-Africa Conference/28th African Health
The Society for Free Radical Research—Africa
July 14-17, 2008
University of Mauritius, Mauritius
Web site: SFRR-Africa; Register on-line
Download: Flyer

IX World Conference
Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
July 27-August 1, 2008
Quebéc City, Canada
Website: CPT 2008

International Conference on NanoToxicology
Chinese Society or Toxicology in collaboration with China Association for Science and Technology (CAST)
September 17–19, 2008
Zhengzhou of Henan Province
Web site: http://www.chntox.org/chntox/en/index.asp

XXVI Interdisciplinary Meeting of Toxicology: Food Contaminants as Markers for Environmental Risk Assessment
September 17–19, 2008
Buenos Aires
Web site: www.ataonline.org.ar

45th Congress of the European Societies of Toxicology (EUROTOX)
October 5–8, 2008
Rhodes, Greece
Web site: www.eurotox2008.org

29th Annual Meeting of the Southeastern Pharmacology Society
October 13–14, 2008
Charleston, SC
Web site: www.musc.edu/seps

6th Pan African Environmental Mutagen Society Conference
Environmental Mutagens and Carcinogens: Assessing, Managing and Reducing Risk
November 2–5, 2008
Cape Town, South Africa
Download: PAEMS Announcement
Download: PAEMS Interest Form

1st African Congress on Pesticides and Toxicology Sciences
African Network for Chemical Analysis of Pesticides (ANCAP) and University of Gezira (U of G)
November 8–11, 2008
University of Gezira
Wad Medani, Gezira State
The Sudan
Download: Announcement

American College of Toxicology 29th Annual Meeting
Hilton El Conquistador
November 9–12, 2008
Tuscon, Arizona
Web site: www.actox.org


SOT 48th Annual Meeting
March 15–19, 2009
Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore, Maryland
Web site: SOT AM09 Web site

British Toxicology Society
2009 Annual Congress
March 22–25, 2009
University of Warwick
Coventry, England
Web site: BTS Web site

29th Congress of the International Commission on Occupational Health (ICOH2009)
Cape Town, South Africa
March 22–27, 2009
Web site: www.icoh2009.co.za

10th Iranian Congress on Toxicology and Poisoning (ICTP)
Shaheed Behesti University of Medical Sciences and Health Services
Tehran, Iran
May 2009
Web site: Iranian Society of Toxicology

Japanese Society of Toxicology
The Olympic Commemorative Convention Center Tokyo
Morioka, Iwate, Japan
June 6–8, 2009
Web site: www.iwate-u.ac.jp/

Organized jointly with PAHO
Puerto Madryn, Chubut
June 22–25, 2009
Web site: www.ataonline.org.ar

5th National Conference of the Chinese Society of Toxicology
August 10–13 2009
Guiyang, Guizhou Province
Website: www.chntox.org/

4th International Conference on Nanotechnology
Occupational and Environmental Health (NanOEH2009)
Paasitorni, Helsinki, Finland
August 26–29, 2009
Web site: Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

5th International Congress of the Asian Society of Toxicology, (ASIATOX-V)
Conference Center of the Taipei Veterans General Hospital
Taipei, Taiwan
September 10–13, 2009
Web site: www.asiatox-v.com.tw/

46th Congress of the European Societies of Toxicology (Eurotox)
Dresden, Germany
September 13–17, 2009
Web site: www.eurotox2009.org

XXVII Conference of Argentine Toxicological Association (ATA)
Food Contaminants as Monitors of Environmental Risk Assessment
Buenos Aires, Argentina
September 17–19, 2009
Web site: www.ataonline.org.ar


SOT 49th Annual Meeting
March 7–11, 2010
Salt Palace Convention Center
Salt Lake City, Utah
Web site: SOT Annual Meetings

XII International Congress of Toxicology
Barcelona, Spain
July 11–15, 2010
Download: Scientific Proposals
Web site: ICT XII

XVIth World Congress on Basic and Clinical Pharmacology 2010
Copenhagen, Denmark
July 17–23, 2010
Web site: WorldPharma2010


SOT 50th Annual Meeting
March 6–10, 2011
Washington Convention Center
Washington, DC
Web site: SOT Annual Meetings


SOT 51st Annual Meeting
March 11–15, 2012
Moscone Center
San Francisco, California
Web site: SOT Annual Meetings

8CTDC Congress on Toxicology in Developing Countries
September 10–14, 2012
Bangkok, Thailand


SOT 52nd Annual Meeting
March 10–14, 2013
Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center
San Antonio, Texas
Web site: SOT Annual Meetings

XIII International Congress of Toxicology
June 2013
Seoul, Korea


SOT 53rd Annual Meeting
March 23–27, 2014
Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
Boston, Massachusetts
Web site: SOT Annual Meetings

XVIIth World Congress on Basic and Clinical Pharmacology 2014
Cape Town, South Africa
July 13-18, 2014
Web site: www.sapharmacol.co.za/Files_htm/Links/8-06.htm

News Round Up

The Egyptian Society of Toxicology collaborated with the National Committee of Toxicology, Egypt, to host an international symposium titled, Seafood Toxins: A Source of Health Hazards and Ecological Problems. The meeting was held in Cairo on March 25, 2008. Scientists from Japan, Germany, the United States and Qatar provided lectures using video internet technology. IUTOX President, Dr. Kai Savolainen, delivered a talk on "The Role of IUTOX in Spreading the International Scientific Exchange Among the National Toxicological Congresses."

The Japanese Society of Toxicology (JST) welcomed 1400 participants to a very successful annual meeting on June 26–28 at the Olympic Commemorative Hall in Jinguh, Tokyo. Three special lectures by Dr. Hayashi, Dr. Kim Anderson and Dr. Ken Korach were very well received by the attendees. The presentations included symposia on children’s issues including immunology and toxicodynamics and two new technology symposia on nanotechnology and toxicogenomics. JST also offered six workshops including one on DNA medicine, 47 oral presentations, 180 posters, 9 luncheons, four post-lunch seminars and an exhibit hall with 62 booths. Congratulations to JST on hosting this very successful meeting!

The Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health Part B: Critical Reviews announced a landmark article focused on new research on the chemical bisphenol A (BPA) and the harmful effects it can have on human health as an endocrine blocker. The article was published in February in Volume 11, Issue 2 of the journal. For FREE access to the article “Derivation of a Bisphenol a Oral Reference Dose (RfD) and Drinking-Water Equivalent Concentration” by Calvin C. Willhite, Gwendolyn L. Ball, and Clifton J. McLellan, and to learn more about the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health Part B: Critical Reviews, please visit www.tandf.co.uk/10937404.

Publications from the World Health Organization

  • Released its first in a series of reports titled, WHO Report on the Global Tobacco Epidemic, 2008. WHO is developing the report series to focus international attention, resources and action on global tobacco use and problems caused by such use. You may visit their Web site for additional information http://www.who.int/tobacco/en/
  • Rabies and Envenomings: A Neglected Public Health Issue. A 32 page report of a consultative meeting sponsored by WHO. Stakeholders discussed measures to ensure sustainable production of effective and safe therapeutic antisera for treatment of rabid dog bites and envenomings due to snake bites or scorpion stings was convened by the Department of Medicines Policy and Standards, Health Technology and Pharmaceuticals Cluster, on January 10, 2007 at the World Health Headquarters, Geneva. For ordering information, visit www.who.int/bookorders.

The Indo-US Science and Technology Forum organized an Indo-US symposium on Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) inTrivandrum, Kerala on March 5 to 7, 2008. The symposium focused on implementing the principles of GLP in medical device evaluation and making an attempt to formulate an appropriate regulatory framework, specifically for medical device evaluation in India.

Experts from the US and India participated in the symposium, which was jointly organized by the National GLP Compliance Monitoring Authority and Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology.

The Toxicology Education Foundation (TEF), a charitable organization promoting public awareness of chemical safety, is pleased to announce that a Japanese subtitled version of its video “Is it Safe? Evaluating Chemical Risks” is currently in production, and should be available later this year. The Japanese Society of Toxicology (JST) contributed funding for this new translation and will help TEF disseminate the video to the Japanese speaking public. The JST has repeatedly supported cooperative educational programs and we recognize and thank them for their leadership. The 16-minute video provides general audiences with a clear and engaging look at the basic principles of toxicology and how to apply them in their everyday lives. It is designed to help people better understand the potential risks chemicals pose, and how they can use this knowledge to stay safe and healthy. The video, also available in English and Latin American Spanish, was originally developed in co-sponsorship with the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS).

TEF is also beginning production this year on written materials in English and Spanish that can supplement the “Is it Safe?” video, or be used independently. These will be widely distributed to schools and community groups. TEF is honored to receive matching funds from Exponent, a well known engineering and scientific consulting firm, for any individual donor tax-deductible contributions it receives. This generous corporate support will facilitate the distribution of free, reliable chemical safety information to the public.

The English version of “Is it Safe?” can be viewed and downloaded at TEF’s Web site (http://www.toxedfoundation.org). Free DVD copies are available upon request, based on need. Contact TEF’s Executive Director, Kathleen Spitzer at (443) 321-4654 or by email at tefhq@toxedfoundation.org to request a DVD or to make a contribution. Donations can also be sent to headquarters at 626 Admiral Drive, Ste. C, PMB 221, Annapolis, MD 21401. TEF continues to seek new ways to broaden its educational reach and transmit authoritative toxicological information to the public and other audiences. The Foundation welcomes the support and ideas of all interested parties in helping it achieve these goals.

Member Corner


IUTOX is delighted to announce its newest member, the Bangladesh Society of Toxicology (BDSOT). Dr. Zahidul Islam is serving as the Interim President and currently resides in East Lansing, Michigan. We welcome BDSOT and look forward to working together to meet our mutual goals!

Did you know...

We’re eager to hear from you to benefit from your feedback and ideas, and to share your accomplishments and news with other member societies?  Please e-mail your contributions (see below) to iutoxhq@iutox.org.

  • Send us the dates and locations of your upcoming meetings and we’ll publish them on the IUTOX Web site.
  • Share your society’s successes by submitting an article to be published in the IUTOX newsletter.
  • Let us help you get the word out about calls for papers and nominations for awards and prizes.
  • Give us feedback on how to make the IUTOX newsletter and website better!
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Dues News

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