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International Congress of Toxicology (ICT)

Upcoming IUTOX Congresses:

The XIV International Congress of Toxicology (ICTXIV)
Merida, Mexico
October 2–6, 2016

The XV International Congress of Toxicology (ICTXV)
Honolulu, Hawaii
Hawaii Convention Center
July 15–18, 2019

ICTXIV Travel Award Application

Executive Committee Nominations

The election process for the Executive Committee concludes with elections at the IUTOX General Assembly at the International Congress of Toxicology. The election process is set out below as defined by days before the IUTOX General Assembly:

270 days
Secretary-General requests that Member Societies submit candidate names to the Chairman of the Nominating Committee.

150 days
Chairman of the Nominating Committee will provide a provisional slate of names to the Secretary-General.

120 days
Member Societies (in groups of 3) may make additional nominations to the Secretary-General.

90 days
Secretary-General sends the final list of nominees to the Member Societies.

30 days
Member Societies may vote by secret ballot via postal or email ballot OR may vote at the General Assembly.

ICTXIII (13th International Congress of Toxicology) 2013

The 13th International Congress of Toxicology (ICTXIII) was held June 30–July 4, 2013 in COEX, Seoul, Korea. The host organizers from the Korean Society of Toxicology (KSOT) selected a state-of-the-art venue for this important meeting titled, Translational Toxicology from Basic Science to Chemical and Environmental Outcomes.

To Congress Chairs Dr. Byung-Mu Lee and Dr. Sang Geon Kim, IUTOX is very grateful for the successful organization of an outstanding scientific program and international event attracting over 1,600 scientists from at least 50 nations. The Scientific Program Committee organized an excellent slate of presentations featuring talks by many leading toxicology researchers from around the globe including 286 invited lectures and 980 presented poster abstracts. Scientists were also able to interact with 185 exhibitors displaying current products and technology.

The Korean Society of Toxicology also entertained guests with a stunning social program including the Opening Ceremony, Welcome Reception featuring a welcoming address from the President of KSOT, Gala Dinner with a Fusion Drum Performance and awards presentations, and the Closing Ceremony with the presentation of fellowship awards to our deserving Junior and Senior Fellows and Trainee Awards winners.

The General Assembly of the International Union of Toxicology was held Wednesday, July 3, 2013. The General Assembly included representatives from numerous IUTOX Member Societies and was the platform to hold elections of Executive Committee members to serve for the 2013–2016 term, selection of the 2019 ICTXV venue, and adoption of proposed bylaws amendments.

The Danish Society for Pharmacology, Toxicology and Medicinal Chemistry and the Society of Toxicology proposed bids to host the ICTXV meeting in 2019 in Copenhagen and Honolulu, Hawaii respectively. IUTOX is very grateful for the time and effort each Society dedicated to submitting excellent proposals and following compelling presentations by Eva Cecilie Bonefeld-Jørgensen (Danish Society of Pharmacology, Toxicology and Medicinal Chemistry) and Lois D. Lehman-McKeeman (Society of Toxicology [USA]), at the General Assembly, the electorate selected the Society of Toxicology to bring the Aloha spirit to ICTXV in Honolulu, Hawaii.

ICTXIII Final Report

2013 Merit Award Recipient

During the 13th International Congress of Toxicology, IUTOX was proud to present Professor Dr. Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn Mahidol to receive its highest honor, the Merit Award. This award was presented during the Opening Ceremony of ICTXIII in Seoul on Sunday, June 30, 2013.

With this award, the IUTOX Executive Committee is proud to recognize numerous contributions to the development of toxicology and risk assessment training programs in the Asia-Pacific region, especially in South East Asia. IUTOX also recognizes Professor Dr. Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn Mahidol’s seminal role in the establishment and development of the Chulabhorn Research Institute in Bangkok and significant work in the field of environmental toxicology, which led to the establishment of a UNEP Centre of Excellence for Environmental and Industrial Toxicology at CRI. IUTOX also applauds and honors the tireless efforts to provide advanced educational opportunities in the region by creating the Chulabhorn Graduate Institute, and developing long distance learning tools to make risk assessment coursework available to students and scientists in developing countries.

Professor Dr. Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn Mahidol, founding President of the Chulabhorn Research Institute, is the youngest daughter of Their Majesties King Bhumibol Adulyadej and Queen Sirikit of Thailand. As a qualified scientist, she has always attached the greatest importance to the role of science in social and economic development, and accordingly originally conceived the idea of creating a national institute to assist in the development of Thailand.

Professor Dr. Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn Mahidol Award Address.


The Twelfth International Congress of Toxicology was held from July 19–23, 2010, in Barcelona, Spain. The congress had 1,816 registered participants, 1216 abstracts presented (1083 published in Tox Letter and 133 in addenda), 50 sessions (6 plenary lectures, 28 symposia, 7 workshops, 3 days posters in 27 sections, 6 training courses), 150 exhibitors from 64 companies/entities (6 nonprofit entities), 180 invited speakers/chairs/course-teachers. The prestigious Deichmann Lecture was delivered by Manel Esteller, Bellvitge Institute for Biomedical Research (IDIBELL), entitled “Epigenetics: The Last Frontier Beyond Genetics.” Prior to the start of ICTXII, there was a day of continuing education courses. In addition, there was a commercial exhibition and an extensive number of social events were enjoyed. Downloadable details of all relevant Congress information may be found on our website.

For further information, please visit the Congress website or contact the Secretariat.

ICTXII 2010 Meeting website

ICT Awards

ICT Meetings: IUTOX organizes the largest and most prestigious International Congress on Toxicology (ICT) every three years, offering the opportunity to learn the latest developments in toxicological science and regulation through general scientific sessions and continuing education classes. On a personal level, it provides the opportunity for you to present your own work to this, the largest and most diverse audience of toxicologists, allowing you to network with others in the same field. And, of course, it provides an opportunity for social activities at the conference in different parts of the world (Seattle 1995, Paris in 1998, Brisbane 2001, Tampere 2004, Montreal 2007, Barcelona 2010, Seoul 2013, and Merida, Mexico 2016).

For further information, please visit the Congress website or contact the Secretariat.

How to Bid for an International Congress of Toxicology

Every three years, during the International Congress of Toxicology, the General Assembly of IUTOX votes for the site of an International Congress of Toxicology. The ballot at the General Assembly takes place six years in advance of the date of the International Congress, thus allowing ample time for planning and preparation. In the General Assembly, all national and regional IUTOX Member Societies in good standing have the right to vote. A Member Society in good standing means a society that has paid i its membership fee. The voting power of each society depends on the number of individual members in the Society. If a Member Society fails to pay its membership fee in due time, it loses its right to vote in the General Assembly.

Only proposals from IUTOX Member Societies can be considered for a venue for an International Congress of Toxicology. Proposals from Member Societies to host an International Congress must be sent in the form of a proposal to the Secretary-General of IUTOX who will report the proposal to the Executive Committee for evaluation. The President of IUTOX will submit valid proposals to the General Assembly, which will then decide the Host Society by secret ballot.

All invitations to host an International Congress should be received by the Secretary-General at least six months prior to the General Assembly at which they are to be considered. Each IUTOX Member Society bidding for the International Congress has the possibility to shortly introduce the bid to the General Assembly. The following issues should be considering when preparing a proposal for the General Assembly.

The proposal shall be presented in a written form to the Secretary-General of IUTOX. It shall include a letter of invitation by the bidding society, and the material that will be used to support the proposal should be enclosed. Usually bidding societies prepare a booklet that contains the bidding material.

Selection of the proposed congress venue, i.e. the congress city and convention center, should be done with care. It is important to consider the geographical location of the venue, i.e. to guarantee that it is within easy reach for international travel. The bidding material must include the proposed dates of the Congress. The bidding society should indicate how it plans to organize the Congress, and include names of key individuals within the organizing committee, e.g. the president, treasurer, chairperson of the program committee, and chairperson of the local organizing committee. It is a good idea to include an organizational plan of the congress in the bidding material.

The budget of the Congress is a key element of the proposal. The Budget shall be prepared for 750 and 1500 participants separately for assessing the potential of the Congress to provide revenue for IUTOX. A detailed budgetary plan for the expenses and income of the Congress, including proposed registration fees are required. The bidding materials for International Congresses of Toxicology should also contain information how continuing education courses during the congress will be organized.

How to Organize an International Congress of Toxicology

ICT Planning Timeline


Proposals from Member Societies to host an International Congress must be sent in the form of a proposal to the Secretary-General of IUTOX; who will report the proposal to the Executive Committee for evaluation. The President of IUTOX will submit valid proposals to the General Assembly, which will decide on the host Society by secret ballot. All such invitations must be received by the General Assembly at least six months in advance of the General Assembly at which they are to be considered. The decision will be taken at the General Assembly about six years before the date of the International Congress of Toxicology, thus allowing ample time for planning. IUTOX has prepared these notes as guidance to the National Society responsible for the organization with the objective of achieving a healthy relationship between the National Society and the IUTOX Executive Committee and General Assembly.

IUTOX requests that the following items will be acted on by the National Society:


An Organizing Committee and Scientific Program Committee (and any other appropriate Committees) should be appointed by the National Society. While membership is the responsibility of the National Society, consideration should be given to having international representation on the Scientific Program Committee. One or two members of the Organizing Committee of the previous ICT (preferably the President of the Congress and the Chairman of the Scientific Committee) should be appointed to the current Organizing Committee to ensure that experiences are transferred.


For each International Congress of Toxicology, there shall be constituted a Finance Committee. IUTOX will offer an interest free loan the amount of which is to be agreed between IUTOX and the host Society. The Budget should be prepared with the object of not making a loss. IUTOX will not be responsible for underwriting any loss. Any profits arising from the conference (including publishing income) will be divided between IUTOX and the National Society on a 2/3:1/3 basis. The local Organizing Committee should make suitable arrangements to prevent any financial loss which might be sustained, being borne by itself or IUTOX.

Scientific Program

The Scientific Program Committee will be appointed by the Organizing Committee. At least one person from the IUTOX Council will on the Scientific Program Committee and act as liaison between IUTOX and ICT. The keynote presentation at the ICT is the Deichmann lecture. The Organizing Committee should propose to the IUTOX Executive Committee the names of two candidates who might be selected to deliver the Deichmann lecture. The Executive Committee will make the final selection. The lecture is endowed and the IUTOX Treasurer will prepare a check for US $1,000 to be given to the lecturer by the Chairman of the session. The invited speakers should reflect the international makeup of the IUTOX membership. The program should aim to continue collaboration between IUTOX and other international organizations with a scientific interest in toxicology.


A book of abstracts should be available for registrants. The proceedings should be published by a qualified publisher, and taking account of all competitive bids. The cost of proceedings should be included in the registration fee. A special issue of Trends in Pharmacological Sciences (affiliated to IUTOX) may be published in conjunction with the Congress. The Organizing Committee should make contact with the Editor to discuss arrangements.


The Organizing Committee should make provision for paying the registration fee of IUTOX Executive Committee members. IUTOX will cover travel and accommodation expenses and daily allowances of IUTOX Executive Committee members. The Organizing Committee should arrange rooms for IUTOX Executive Committee and General Assembly meetings. Details are available from the IUTOX Secretary-General.


Appropriate security measures must be arranged to maintain the integrity of the meeting.


Details of the scientific program and other arrangements should be advertised via the IUTOX Newsletter.

Exit Report

The Organizing Committee should prepare a report for submission to the IUTOX Executive Committee on the outcome of ICT, including audited financial accounts, lists of registrants and any items which may be of value in organizing future ICT's.

Past ICT Meetings


ICTXII Meeting

ICTXI Meeting

ICTX Meeting

ICTIX Meeting




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