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Risk Assessment Summer School (RASS)

RASS Meetings: Between International Congresses, IUTOX sponsors advanced training for selected postgraduate and postdoctoral toxicologists in risk assessment, through the Risk Assessment Summer Schools (RASS). Risk assessment is the ultimate purpose to which toxicological testing and evaluation is directed, providing the information for decision making by industry and governments (on behalf of the population at large).

LARAW VI in 2014

RASS Report (October 2011)

RASS XIV in 2010–Program

RASS XIV in 2010–Application (deadline is April 30, 2010)

RASS XIII in 2008–Program

RASS XIII in 2008–Application (deadline is April 1, 2008)

RASS XII in 2007–Program

RASS XII in 2007–Application (deadline is April 30, 2007)

RASS in 2006

RASS Report (March 2005)

RASS XI Application Form

RASS Standard Operating Procedures

RASS Training Manual

RASS Poster





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