Nominating Committee

2019–2022 IUTOX Nominating Committee


  • Jun Kanno, Japan (Chair)
  • Arturo Anadón, Spain
  • Angela Hofstra, Canada
  • Ian Musgrave, Australia
  • Ofelia Olivero, USA
  • Deng Zhaofang, Taiwan
  • José Manautou, USA (ex officio)

Call for Nominations

IUTOX Executive Committee 2022–2025

The IUTOX Nominating Committee, chaired by Immediate Past-President, Jun Kanno, is beginning its work to assemble a slate of candidates for consideration by the member societies at the IUTOX General Assembly during the 16th International Congress of Toxicology. The candidates elected in September 2022 in Maastricht, The Netherlands will serve on the Executive Committee for the 2022–2025 term.

Download the Nomination Form

The election process is detailed below as defined by the number of days leading up to the IUTOX General Assembly:

  • 360 days (September 26, 2021)
    Emanuela Corsini, Secretary-General, issues a call for nominations requesting that Member Societies submit a completed nomination form and a short CV for the offices of President-Elect, Vice-President, Secretary-General, Treasurer and five (5) Directors.

  • 240 days (by January 24, 2022)
    All nomination forms accompanied by a short CV due to Jun Kanno, Chair of the Nominating Committee.

  • 90 days (by June 23, 2022)
    Secretary-General sends the final list of nominees and a ballot to the Member Societies.

  • 60 days (by July 23, 2022)
    Member Societies (in groups of 3) may make additional nominations to the Secretary-General.

  • 30 days (by August 22, 2022)
    Member Societies may vote by secret ballot via postal or email ballot until this date OR may vote at the General Assembly in Maastricht.