Winter 2017

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President’s Message

A Message from the President of IUTOX, Jun Kanno December, 2017

This past year has brought me the pleasure of seeing many of you at the annual meetings of ASIATOX, SOT, JSOT, and EUROTOX. I enjoyed hearing about your activities and working with ICT and CTDC hosts on our future IUTOX congresses in Belgrade, Hawaii, Melaka and Maastricht. A highlight of the year was being invited by the Chinese Society of Toxicology (CSOT) to deliver a keynote address, Percellome Toxicogenomics for the Mechanistic Prediction of Chemical Toxicity, at their 8th National Congress of Toxicology in Jinan. The meeting was well attended and as always, their hospitality was ever gracious.

As 2017 is winding down, we look ahead to a very active year for IUTOX in 2018, which will serve as the foundation for the 2019–2022 term. We will be calling on you as our partners to meet our goals at the General Assembly to elect another excellent Executive Committee and to select the CTDC12 and ICTXVII venue hosts. These efforts are key to the future of IUTOX and we thank you in advance for your interest and commitment to our community.

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